Essential Things You Should Know on Compensation Claim Solicitors 

What is a Compensation Claim, and how does it work?

A Compensation Claim refers to the financial support asked by an individual who claims loss due to the negligence or harm caused by a person or an organization. If the individual has suffered pain or lost a huge amount of money, they have the right to demand compensation from whom they have encountered the damage. Compensation is required to be paid by the alleged person as per the law. However, a claim is paid only if the alleged person accepts their liability for the cause of the individual’s suffering. If the person denies such allegations, they can move to court and file a defamation suit against that individual. A compensation claim is achieved through legal procedure. Individuals who apply for it must submit a legal notice along with their details and the cause of loss. The claim application is then submitted to the commission within two years.

What are the types of Compensation Claims?

  • Personal injury claim- Personal injury claim is asked by a person who has been seriously injured due to misconduct by another person.
  • Workers’ compensation- There is a separate compensation claim scheme that allows 

employees to lay claim to the compensation from the employer of the same company if they have suffered at the workplace.

  • Personal property claim- If any piece of your valuable asset has been destroyed in an unfortunate incident caused by others, you have a higher chance of receiving a compensation claim from the enforcers with the help of a personal injury lawyer dublin.
  • Medical expense- If a person has suffered a painful consequence on account of wrong treatment, then they have the right to demand a general compensation claim from the medical practitioner.

What do Compensation Solicitors do?

Compensation Solicitors are the civil lawyers who ensure your compensation claim for a serious loss using legal grounds. The primary role of compensation claim solicitors Ireland is to advise you about relevant details related to different compensation laws. They are very familiar with the various schemes under which you are entitled to compensation claims. In addition, they instruct you about all the written formalities required to be filled up to make the legal proceedings much easier for you. The solicitors will also help you take action against any serious exploitation you have experienced because of a person or an organization.

Things to know about Compensation Claim Solicitors

Compensation Claim Solicitors do not only work for physical injury. Therefore, you can freely seek assistance even if you have gone through a financial loss or mental trauma because of someone’s ill-treatment. However, before you reach out to a compensation solicitor, you need to consider a few factors to receive the claim you deserve. Following are some essential things to know when hiring a good compensation claim solicitor.

  • Hiring a professional solicitor- Compensation is only granted on a valid reason for a loss. If you do not put your points clearly, your application might get canceled in the first place. An experienced compensation solicitor is acquainted with the legal process, and they will guide you to get your claim based on the facts of your situation.
  • Choose solicitors based on the area of compensation law- If you opt for personal injury compensation, choose a compensation solicitor who is an expert in Personal Injury Law. While there are laws for different compensation claims, a person charged with unlawful activity can seek the help of criminal legal aid solicitors to counter their allegations.
  • The right to change solicitors- There is a time limit for making a compensation claim. The compensation claim for divorce has a time limit of 1 year. If you think your solicitor is not meeting your expectations, you have the right to change your solicitor and look out for more experienced divorce solicitors to make the base of your case stronger.
  • Ask for a no-fees arrangement- Compensation solicitors may assess your case for free during the initial days. The reputed solicitors charge higher fees, but most have a no-fees policy. So if the court has not granted your demand for compensation, you may decline the case without handing the payment to your solicitor.

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